GigaVaasa Power Station construction ongoing

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NEPower has signed a contract on 7.2.2024 for the construction of a 110 kV substation in the new industrial area of Laajametsä in Vaasa. This particular substation is significant as it has been classified as a critical regional network station. In practice, this means that the design and implementation of the substation will be more technically challenging than in normal distribution network projects.

“We have started the field design and equipment specification of the site immediately after the contract was signed. Next, we procure long lead-time products and create an implementation schedule. Earthworks will start during the summer of this year, with the aim of commissioning the new distribution substation in autumn 2025,” says Kari Ritala, the chief designer of the site at NEPower.
NEPower’s strong experience in technically challenging turnkey projects and its flexible and customer-oriented approach are key to ensuring that the Laajametsä project is completed on schedule.