Battery value chain

Competencies throughout the battery value chain


Raw materials

Finland offers an excellent platform for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. We are unique in having all the key mineral resources needed in battery manufacturing within our territory. Raw materials: lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite.



In Finland we have world leading battery mineral refineries and EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE and experience in the processing of raw materials.


Cell and pack

We have an excellent platform for battery cell and pack manufacturing in Vaasa. Vaasa is a prime location for battery manufacturing due to its unique combination of natural resources, low-cost green energy, world-class expertise and attractive business environment.


Downstream applications

In Vaasa and Finland, we have significant industry for work machinery and electric vehicles, energy storage and future grids, marine and consumer applications (ev charging operators).



We have notable know-how in recycling. In Finland there are plenty of operators and companies specialising in battery material recycling and energy storage for second life use.

In Vaasa we can provide full access to 100% renewable and CO₂ free energy sources at a competitive price. The electricity grid is known for its reliability. The main energy hub in the Nordic countries in Vaasa consists of 160 companies providing a base for strong engineering competences and availability of talent. Our way of working is based on unique collaboration between companies, universities, public authorities and the city of Vaasa.

Stefan Damlin

Managing Director, Vaasan Sähkö

Batteries from Finland

The development of sustainable battery technologies and services is a means of responding to the challenges of climate change.