National battery strategy: a framework for a competitive and sustainable battery industry

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On January 24, 2021, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment published its national battery strategy. The strategy presents ways for Finland to develop into a competitive, competent and sustainable part of the international battery industry. Business Finland wants to be a significant player in implementing the strategy.

Europe is becoming increasingly electrified as part of the low carbon target. As a result, the emergence of a European battery value chain is essential. Finland has many strengths for succeeding in this development.

The vision of Finland’s battery strategy is that by 2025, the country’s battery cluster will be a pioneer, producing skills, innovations, sustainable economic growth, wellbeing and jobs in Finland. At the same time, Finland is strongly involved in the aforementioned international development.

The cornerstones of the battery strategy are the availability and processing of raw materials, vigorous production and research activities for the development of battery materials and recycling, and expertise in electrification and digitalization. Finland also wants to promote the circular economy of batteries.

The country’s strong role as part of Europe’s battery ecosystem has been recognized. Finland has impressive expertise throughout the battery value chain, including in the mining industry, onward processing of battery raw materials, technologies and services related to the manufacture and use of batteries, as well as charging technologies and recycling. Finland is one of the few European countries where the ground contains all the key minerals needed to make lithium-ion batteries: cobalt, nickel, lithium and graphite.

“Finland meets all the requirements for creating an important battery cluster that will enable us to create added value in Finland and promote the international growth of companies,” says Business Finland Executive Director Teija Lahti-Nuuttila.


Business Finland began to invest in the battery sector in earnest over two years ago, with the aid of the Batteries from Finland initiative. Batteries from Finland supports the construction of ecosystems and networks in the battery industry in Finland and the connection of these to international networks. The aim of the operations is to increase exports. The attraction of investments to Finland throughout the battery value chain and innovation activities aimed at international growth are also actively promoted.

Another aim of the initiative is to find new customers and create commercial opportunities for Finnish battery companies. The target market is mainly in Europe and the Nordic countries. Batteries from Finland brings together Finnish companies and their products, exporting them to destination countries by organizing buyer meetings and matchmaking events, amongst other means.

“Business Finland implements a national battery strategy by financing innovation in the sector, promoting international cooperation and refining market information for companies. The battery strategy provides us with a long-term support for working with companies,” says the head of Batteries from Finland, Ilkka Homanen.