Planning reservation for cathode material factory plot with FREYR Battery

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FREYR Battery has made a planning reservation on a plot in the GigaVaasa area for the construction of a cathode materials factory. Plot 16 has now been reserved for the factory, which became vacant after Johnson Matthey sold off their battery materials business.

– The cathode materials factory will further enhance the battery industry ecosystem being built in the GigaVaasa area, so FREYR Battery’s memorandum of understanding and goal to build both a battery cell and cathode materials factory in the area is really great news, explains Vaasa Mayor Tomas Häyry happily.

The planning reservation was approved at the Vaasa City Council meeting on 7 November 2022. Plot 16, which has been reserved by the company, is approximately 51 hectares in size.

Local cathode production is a significant thing from an environmental perspective. In the current battery value chain, the materials needed by batteries are transported globally from different continents (Australia, South America, Asia), which increases both costs, risks and emissions.

”An environmental impact assessment (EIA) process now starts by submitting the program to the South Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre).”