Street network completed for GigaVaasa area – pipelines and infrastructure ready

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The GigaVaasa industrial area is dedicated for battery value chain manufacturing. Now the whole industrial area can be easily accessible since street network building for GigaVaasa area has been completed. Large number of different sizes of pipelines have been installed under the streets as a part of GigaVaasa Energy Concept. Main purpose with this Energy concept is to enable fast starting for battery value chain projects by offering sustainable plug & play infrastructure.

GigaVaasa Energy Concept

GigaVaasa’s main goal is to provide a carbon neutral environment ecosystem for a competitive battery cluster. Sustainable plug & play industrial services are in key role to enable battery value chain investors to focus on their main business.

– It’s excellent news that the street networks are getting ready for the GigaVaasa area! But most important is the infrastructure that will offer easy access to sustainable services. By having this plug & play concept, every battery value chain company can fully focus on their main production business, says GigaVaasa Sales & Marketing Director Marko Kuokkanen.

GigaVaasa area is about 330ha with different sizes of plots reserved for battery value chain manufacturing. There are also separate plots reserved for service business. Vast amount of different process pipelines like industrial water, potable water, sewage, communication fibres, high-voltage cabling routes and cables for street lighting are installed under the streets.

– Infrastructure now installed enables various sustainable solutions. One of the energy efficient solutions is the heat recovery system. Extra process heat can be captured and used as an extra energy to heat the city of Vaasa. This will have a direct impact by lowering factories operating costs. Also, preparations for centralized cooling systems are important and will have an impact to attract potential factory investments to GigaVaasa area, says Kuokkanen.

GigaVaasa area is dedicated for battery value chain manufacturing and offers accessible green energy system options. The GigaVaasa industrial zone is perfectly located logistically, with good rail and road connections, a short distance to the harbour and an airport on its doorstep.

Over 160 energy technology companies are situated in the Vaasa region. This enables excellent collaboration opportunities for cooperation between the energy technology hub and the local universities that helps educate skilled workforce to meet the needs of the industry.