The Gigafactory project in Vaasa got notable partners

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Raw material producers Keliber and Norilsk Nickel to join the coalition.

Vaasa has strengthened the partner network of the Gigafactory project.  Considering the battery production the very central producers of raw materials, Keliber and Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta are participating in the network coalition that’s being built around the project.

Two weeks ago, the City of Vaasa informed that they will be applying for Gigafactory, Tesla’s gigantic lithium ion battery production factory. Among the first partners in the project are some who offer world class competence about the important raw materials, lithium and nickel, which are needed in the batteries for electric cars.

Keliber Oy is a Finnish company which is starting up production of lithium. The production facilities of the company are located in the Keski-Pohjanmaa region, which is located near one of the most important lithium deposits in Europe. The long term goal of the company is to yearly produce 9 000 tons of battery standard lithium carbonate. Lithium carbonate is one of the most important raw materials in the production of lithium ion batteries.

“The Gigafactory project of Vaasa offers us a unique possibility to participate in an important project, which focuses quite far in the future. We will offer effective partnership, so that this visionary project will be proceeding as quickly as possible” says the managing director of Keliber Oy, Pertti Lamberg.

Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy is a world class producer of nickel metals and chemicals.  The turnover of the company is about 800 million euros, and it produces 50 000 tons of nickel p.a. Among others nickel is used in the batteries of electric cars.

Gigafactory in Vaasa is a task for entire Finland. It’s very nice to be able to participate in an investing project of this size. This is also a very motivating example of a national project, which overruns the regional borders”, says the managing director of Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy, Joni Hautojärvi.

The city mayor of Vaasa, Tomas Häyry is satisfied with the interest the Gigafactory project has raised. Support and actual partnership offers have been received widely, both from politicians as well as various parts of the economic life.

“This has become a common project for Finland. We are currently building up the organisation and are preparing for the first meetings of the partner network to be held in January. We have a very strong feeling of doing”, Häyry finishes.