The pursuit towards low-carbon future sets new requirements

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Did you know that 100 % of the countries in the world have technology from EnergyVaasa cluster in their electrical networks? Many of the 160 EnergyVaasa companies have a growing need of batteries in their critical applications. One of them is ABB Power Grid Finland.

“ABB is one the backbone companies in the EnergyVaasa cluster and a real leader showing the direction for global development of electrical grids,” says Marko Kuokkanen, Sales & Marketing director GigaVaasa.

ABB Power Grid Finland GSU Manager North Europe Petri Kärki reminds us that the power landscape is changing dramatically.

“We are moving towards a low-carbon future where more and more power is generated by renewable sources like solar and wind. With today’s technology renewable energy production starts to be more cost efficient than traditional energy production. The pursuit towards low-carbon and even carbon-free future sets new requirements for power grids and other players in the energy field,” Kärki reminds.

In this future, batteries and battery energy solution systems (BESS) are playing a significant role. Power grids, micro grids and nano grids all need technology solutions to ensure reliable power transmission and distribution to consumers in all weather conditions.


Here traditional fuel-based back-up solutions are being replaced with battery storages:

“In power transmission, the building of fast frequency containment reserve is already today more cost efficient with batteries than building high-end production,” says Kärki.

These kinds of developments together with eMobility are already today challenging the battery manufacturers.

“Battery manufacturers need to provide more and more battery production capacity for growing market needs,“ continues Kärki.

ABB Power Grids is already building solutions to support carbon-free future all around the world. ABB provides battery energy storage solutions and systems in order to ensure reliable renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution for greener future.

“So far the battery development has been lead by the EV’s, but different kind of energy storages will also have a significant role in the coming years for example BESS,” says Kuokkanen.

To get more information, watch the video ”Sustainable power for islands through microgrid and battery energy storage technology” on YouTube.