GigaVaasa area & reservations

Giga-size industrial zone is ready

for large-scale battery-related investment

We can offer the location to a battery factory as well as enable the establishment of related functions and other industries in the region.

An environmental impact assessment programme (EIA) has already been completed. The land-use planning and permit process are ready. The roads are already built. Infrastructure is already prepared to enable fast track projects.

The GigaVaasa industrial zone is well placed logistically, with good rail and road connections, a short distance to the harbour and an airport on its doorstep. The road and rail connections are part of European networks.

Infrastructure according
to your needs

  • Electric grid connection 400 kV
  • Industrial scale water infrastructure available
  • District heating
  • Waste heat utilisation

Local distances

  • AIRPORT 1 km
  • HARBOUR 12 km
  • CITY CENTRE 10 km
  • RAILWAY on site

The groundwork for your energy storage business has already been made in Vaasa – the sites are ready for your use. We want to welcome all interested parties who want to work with us. We are fully prepared to take the next developmental leap towards a more intelligent and sustainable future.

Tomas Häyry

The mayor of Vaasa

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Future sustainable battery manufacturing

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EnergyVaasa – ecosystem for future batteries.